I'm an architect by training, and many years ago, my first woodworking workshop helped put me through architecture school. I've just moved to the US from Ireland, and am thrilled to be back designing and making furniture.

- the song of the plane as it reveals beautiful grain and creates wonderful curls
- the scent of the oil, revealed
- the whine of the power-saw, the roar of the router
- stacks of raw wood, full of promise
- the satisfaction of finished art

Gerry Hurley
The main photos show the SARA Shelf System, my own design for a system of interlocking birch plywood shelves, with highlight color on the back panels, and some other recent projects.

I'll be adding more pieces as I design and build them, and I'd be delighted to take on custom design projects if you'd like to have something unique, modern and built-for-you.
My goal is to deliver fine craftsmanship in a modern design style.

My training as an architect means we start with you - your needs, tastes and lifestyle. You'll enjoy the process and you'll love the result, that's my promise.

Let's talk!