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Gerry Hurley is a joy to work with. Our experience with Gerry started out positive, … and went up from there. The three qualities we have appreciated most about Gerry are (1) his architectural sense of how the structure will fit into the overall space context; (2) that he listens carefully to your desires to be able to devise that which best meets your needs; and (3) the end result is always a real surprise—an actual work of art. Last (but far from least) the value to cost ratio is satisfying to the pocketbook. We have had several projects, two of which are completed , and two other that we expect to be completed this month. The first two projects included a (custom) dresser and two custom bookshelves (one with a desk and a filing cabinet). More

Gerry has done several projects in our house to boost its storage capacity: custom IKEA closet built-ins in our bedroom, bookshelves, tv media center/book case, and cabinets for our kitchen. Gerry was able to transform some awkward spaces in our house into truly useful and aesthetically pleasing additions. He accommodated our needs (including occasional modifications along the way) while still bringing his own excellent vision to each project. We couldn't have asked for more - both in terms of quality of work and price. Strongly recommend Gerry for your next project!Read More

I am very pleased with my new custom, artistic shelves. I have brick walls and lots of height but little storage. Gerry from Maxmin design was great, had an excellent vision for using the space, giving me more storage and display without taking up valuable room real estate. The design accentuates the height in the living room so this is artistic, practical and quality work.Read More

My experience with Gerry Hurley couldn't have been better. I was hoping for a serviceable bookshelf. Instead, I was given a unique and wonderful work of art which, besides fulfilling all my practical requirements, has become the aesthetic centerpiece of my living-room. Gerry is an old school craftsman with a thoroughly modern flair for design. He's fun, he's conscientious, he listens to his client, and he delivers on budget and on time. I'd give him extra stars if I could. Lynne McKelvey, NW Washington DC As an architectural photographer myself, I had the pleasure of watching Gerry design and complete two mounted bookshelves for our apartment. He is thorough, beginning with an extensive consultation on what we wanted, and how it would fit into our existing decor. His completed work shows that he is true craftsman who take great pride in his work. I would certainly recommend him highly to any client seeking custom-made projects for the home or office. David Luria, NW Washington DCRead More